Weekend Fright Flick: Night of the Living Dead 3D

To make up for my rather erratic posting of Weekend Fright Flick of late, here is a full-length zombie treat, courtesy of Fearnet.com.

Yes, it’s a remake of George A. Romero’s original zombie apocalypse classic, made in 2006. This one is in 3D, though the embedded version below is only 2D. To watch the 3D version, you’ll need a pair of those damn blue/red glasses that always (for me) make the image look like a badly tinted blur — and go to Fearnet.com itself.


Night of the Living Dead 3D (US-2006; dir. Jeff Broadstreet)


Nothing ruins a quiet family funeral quite like a zombie attack.  Survivor Barbara tries to fight off the horde with the help of a local college student, a mortician (played by the always-creepy Sid Haig) and, naturally, a family of marijuana farmers. More drugs and nudity than the original but no George Romero.

It’s not a bad film, and as is always the case, might have fared better if they’d simply called it something else and treated it not as a remake, but as another zombie flick set in the Romero universe. So pretend it’s called They’re Coming to Get You! and enjoy. One warning though: it’s R rated, so send the kids to bed.

Source: Fearnet.com

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