Ultra Cutie Daikaiju Chompin Fluffies


Now, from Beeswax Media, comes a short daikaiju eiga filmed using… um, ultra-low-tech FX. It’s cute, it’s fluffy, it’s bizarre. It’s Ultra Cutie Daikaiju Chompin Fluffies! Below is Episode 1: Tickled Pink, in which

…Fluffy Yuk Yuk and Fluffy Bad Bad from the Oh No! Doom universe star in their very own Kaiju short. Hilarity ensues when an ill-tempered pink creature with an affinity for “yo momma” jokes messes with the ultra cutie couple, and he quickly learns the error of his ways.

The folk at Beeswax Media describe themselves as “a boutique creative and multi media agency specializing in the underground world of lifestyle and culture”.

I particularly enjoy Travis Lampe’s cartoon characters, which remind me of the work of Ub Iwerks:

Source: via Brian Keller, Beeswax Media’s Creative Director

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