Release Update: Serpent Lake


The independently made, micro-budget lake monster flick Serpent Lake (US-2009; dir. Joel Trujillo) has been in the making since early last year.

Now we’ve had word that the film is not only finished but released on DVD. Yes, Tiny Tim has arrived, toothy and full of fun!




Kaiju Search-Robot Avery reports:

Director Joel Trujillo has sent us this big batch of exclusive stills from Serpent Lake to celebrate the film’s release on independent DVD. It’s now available exclusively through the official website. The cost is a mere $10.00 + s&h [Note from UB: seems there was a problem with the original online order form, but if you go to the website and send them an email, your order will be dealt with]. This is a really super bargain for a movie these days, especially when it’s a brand new one.

Joel and the crew put their all into this little horror/comedy creature feature flick and wanted to make it one we monster fans would truly enjoy. They’ve already begun work on their newest film, which is called The Sparrowman. Joel Trujillo and crew wanted me to pass on their thanks to Undead Backbrain readers for all the support they’ve been given.

Undead Backbrain assures readers that Avery speaks from the heart here and is definitely not working on commission for JFT Film Productions or subsidiaries.



Full Trailer:


Complete Gallery:

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4 Responses to Release Update: Serpent Lake

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  2. Avery says:

    Man I can’t wait for my copy! I’ve been awaiting this cool little flick forever!

  3. Backbrain says:

    You certainly like your Lake Monster flicks, Avery — and apart from this one there’s another on the cards…

  4. Avery says:

    Can’t get enough of em’ Rob! I’d say they’re my second most favorite sub-genre of films. Only second to daikaiju flicks. Another? The more the merrier!!

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