The Conquered: Curse of the Shaman

This is how director Benjamin Cooper (The Brink, The Omega Diary) describes his new film The Conquered: Curse of the Shaman:

In this horror story, a Shaman’s daughter reanimates the mummified corpse of an ancient Indian brave to punish those that accidentally killed her father while trespassing in a sacred burial ground.

Sounds like a definite possibility to me! I’m always in for a good mummy movie, even if it’s not an Egyptian one. The cast includes Vernon Wells (Weird Science, Fortress, Last Man Standing, Space Truckers, Beneath Loch Ness,  and an upcoming film with the title Silent Night, Zombie Night), Eric Spudic (Zombiegeddon , Dead Men Walking, Supercroc), and Ron Ford (Killer Tomatoes Eat France!, Rage of the Werewolf, Deadly Scavengers).




The film comes from Cooper’s own video production company Thunderhead Entertainment, an award-winning independent company that he originally founded “to provide film/video production and post services to such commercial clients as Bosch Power Tools, Inc. and Seagate Software.” He earned awards for production excellence for the music video “Orbit” and for a public service ad commissioned by the Santa Barbara County Office for Family Violence. His first two films, The Brink and The Omega Diary, have apparently been doing well on the video rental circuit. Cooper will be  developing, producing and directing the majority of future Thunderhead Entertainment features.

The Conquered: Curse of the Shaman is currently in production. We’ll keep you informed when we hear of any developments.


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  1. Avery says:

    I’m looking forward to this one! What a great cast! We need a good twist on the mummy genre. Can’t wait for more!

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