King Crab Attack!


Initially at least King Crab Attack! was a faux trailer, created in 2008 by director Grégoire Sivan, a student at La Fémis in Paris:

KING CRAB ATTACK! from Jérôme Lozano (Headeater and editor) on Vimeo.

Cool, eh?

IMDb, however, lists the film as being 7 minutes in length. This seems to indicate that the faux trailer has given rise to a longer short film, a possibility confirmed by the unifrance website, which also lists it as being 7 minutes long and goes on to say that it is scheduled to be screened at assorted film festivals during 2009.

Here is a rather free translation of the synopsis:

Trouville-sur-Mer, a Lower Normandy resort, is an uneventful place. However, Basile, of the Coast Guard, has witnessed many strange events. Are they simple coincidence? Not for Basile. King Crab Attack! is the trailer for this disaster movie. Release is as yet undetermined.

However, the website of  Caïmans Productions, the film’s production company tells us:

The new short film is currently in post production. It will end in late August for the first public screening September 5 at the opening of Festival Off-Courts Trouville.

So, can we expect to see the longer version soon?

  • Source: Kaiju Search-Robot Avery
  • Note: There is a certain inconsistency in the use of the title across the various sources. Should it be “King Crabs Attack!”, “King Crab Attacks!” or “King Crab Attack!”? I’ve gone for the last as it takes in the possibility of both an attack from a single King Crab and an attack by all the King Crabs. I look forward to being corrected.

Quick quiz: the poster for which famous giant monster film does the poster above reference?

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  1. Avery says:

    Man if the faux teaser is any indication then the short film is gonna rock!! I’d absolutely love to see this turned into a feature film or more shorts. It’s cool looking!

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