More Sightings of Muckman

Writer, director and all-round independent cinema Renaissance Man Brett Piper’s latest B-flick renovation is Muckman — an epic tale of swamplands, genetic mutation and tentacles. We last explored the heritage on which it draws here — and now have a bunch of exclusive pictures to further illustrate just how mucky it is. What is becoming clear is that this may be more like Swamp Thing meets H.P. Lovecraft! As you can see from the following images Muckman and co. clearly share some genetic ooze with the Great God Cthulhu.






Muckman’s looking pretty damn awesome here!


The inner Muckman emerges!


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1 Response to More Sightings of Muckman

  1. Avery says:

    Man this just keeps looking better and better! Brett Piper is an incredible artist!

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