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Faces only an undead mother could love!

I’m not sure what to make of this one, but with Halloween upon us this weekend it seems appropriate to highlight one of the oddest horror DVD releases I’ve seen for a while. Will it be good? That’s hard to say, but it certainly exhibits a weird fascination that may just provide the perfect background to a gruesome Halloween party or for a cathartic evening alone in front of the telly as an alternative to suicide.


MESOZOIC, INC., the company responsible for the upcoming scifi horror film Alien Grey: Zone X have just released their first feature-length film. It’s called Faces and it was co-executive produced by Thomas R. Dickens (who also directed) and his brother Jeff. A sort of very weird and grotesque performance art film, Faces offers up a pair of ghoulish, monstrous and scary characters who mug for the camera, growl, sprout philosophy and regurgitate creepy-crawlies from their mouths.

If “Waiting for Godot” had a baby with “Dawn of the Dead” this would be that brood. A must-see exhibition of strange, monstrous, and at times silly ghouls. “The Bomb” at party time, Halloween, or any time you need that something that is totally unlike anything else. Patently non-commercial aesthetically, “Faces” is flat out non-apologetic… and… “In Your FACE!” (DVD cover blurb)



Two Ghouls make scary faces, some to scare, and some for laughs. They live in darkness, and challenge the living to — think. Sometimes they wish to spread fear, other times they are involved in near-slapstick comedy, and at times get into deep discussion on nearly any topic, all the while riding the edge of sanity! In the end they come to realize truths about their friendship. (IMDb)

Director Thomas R. Dickens commented to Undead Backbrain:

I know there is a lot of competition out there these days for our entertainment time, but I really hope everyone gives this film a chance, as if they do they could really get a scare as well as a laugh.  It is best to give the film some time (it is 80 minutes long) and give it a full watch, trying not to compare it to anything you’ve ever seen.  I hesitate to describe it, preferring that people view it for themselves.  It has elements of horror, creepiness, comedy, gothic darkness, and performance art.

What it looks like to me is Andy Warhol slipping right over into hellish insanity.

Full Theatrical Trailer:

According to the director Faces is full of surprises and takes turns you would not expect. “It’s Terror, It’s Comedy, It’s Drama, It’s Art! It’s Brand New and It’s Different than anything you’ve seen! Best seen with a date or friends, but great viewed alone as well! It’s Awesome!”

I think Faces will do great in Europe and Japan/Asia as well. It just has to be given a chance to prove itself as a Modern Cult Classic that is a lot of fun. Also, if it does well, we have plans for a sequel all ready.

This film will be a “Cult Classic” and is unique. It has a bit of a “Gothic” theme. At times horrifying, humorous, and even philosophical. It is frightening but not violent. It will be great for Halloween time, but really great for any time. Once this “Indie Film” catches on and goes viral there will be no stopping it. There is no comparison to “Alien Grey: Zone-X” which is Independent, but with a much more “commercial” angle (and is still in post-production, seeking Post Production Finalization Investment). “Faces” is more avante guarde and non-commercial in the sense of being nothing like a Hollywood Picture. But it is entertaining and has charm, and once you start watching it, if it is your thing, you will be riveted. There are parts in which the screening audiences were frightened, and others where they laughed out loud. As far as I am concerned ANYTHING that can make you laugh is a good thing.

Pre-Release Teaser:

Faces can be found on Amazon, but it is also available on DVD, Blu-Ray, and VOD (as well as director-signed versions of the DVD and Blu-Ray) on the Official Site, which also contains various links and trailers, such as:

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  1. Avery says:

    This one really creeps me out! I’m not easily unnerved but I dunno about watching this one alone.

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