Raiga Poster and New Images

This newly released poster for Shinkaijû Raiga [aka Deep Sea Monster Raiga] (2009; dir. Shinpei Hayashiya) raises several questions about the movie.


Among the questions that should be on the tip of your tongue are: “What on earth is that Casper-like floating critter about two-thirds of the way down the poster on the right?” and “What the hell is that object the guy with the eye-patch is surfing in on?”

Below is a picture of it from the film itself, crashing into the side of a building. Yes, it’s rather large!


And here is the guy in the eye-patch:



Kaiju Search-Robot Avery has uncovered two new pictures of Deep Sea Monster Raiga himself, one rampaging, and the other worn out by all the rampaging director Hayashiya demanded of him:



Tanks move in to get him while he’s snoozing:


If in the picture below the jaws belong to Raiga, that man is either very big or Raiga really has been worn down:


No  comment on this one:


Some images of the cast at a promotional event:



Thanks for those, Avery!

Source: Official website


The strange “golden” object mentioned in Question Two sits atop the Asahi Beer Building in Asakusa, Tokyo, and is indeed a local landmark. Variously described as a “golden sperm”, a cloud, and who knows what else, the Asahi PR Division say that it was designed like “yeast of the beer” and black building under it is the glass (Asakusa Samurai). Anyway, built in 1989 and designed by architect Philippe Starck, it is the symbol of the beer manufacturers “at a location where Asahi has been making beer for over a century” (Reference).


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3 Responses to Raiga Poster and New Images

  1. Avery says:

    Rob; the weird looking golden thingy the military guy is riding in on is some sort of symbol or monument from the top of a building in the city. It can be seen in the same poster above as it rests between the two skyscrapers placed above the temple. The casper thingy?….uh…no idea there.

  2. G2KM says:

    Very nice. Now just waiting for a US distributor…

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