$quid Pictorial Update

We’ve been following the Brisbane-made romstercom (romantic monster comedy) for some time on Undead Brainspasm (read the articles here). Well, there have been some updates since the last, with the film now due to be released in “early 2010”. In addition, the creators are referring to it as a “Monster Comedy” now, and a new poster has appeared, along with more stills from the film. So I decided to post the update here. Some of the images in the gallery are visible in previous articles — but I couldn’t be bothered sorting through them and anyway, it’s good to have them in one place, right? At any rate $quid is looking like it will be a highlight of next year’s line-up.


$quid: The Movie (Aust-2010; dir. Daley Pearson and Luke Tierney)

“A hilarious new feature film about a giant squid attacking a New Years Eve river cruise!”

  • Starring: Josh Lawson [Thank God You’re Here]; Ed Kavalee [Thank God You’re Here]; Henry Nixon [Noise, Spielberg’s The Pacific]; Christian Clark [Neighbours]; Toby Truslove [Thank God You’re Here]; Brooke Sheehan; Lauren Lillie; Jess Harris [Rove]; Katherine Hicks [Rescue Special Ops]
  • Screenplay by: Daley Pearson, Luke Tierney, Josh Lawson and Ed Kavalee
  • Directed by: Daley Pearson and Luke Tierney
  • Produced by: Luke Tierney, Daley Pearson, Candice Preddy

Check out the movie’s YouTube Channel for the original short film that inspired the feature-length one as well as lots of “making of” documentaries. Their Facebook page says that a new web series, “The Making of $quid”, will be coming soon.



Official Website.

Thanks, Avery.

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