Dinocroc vs the Dinosaurs

Jim Wynorski might be pitting Dinocroc against Supergator in his upcoming monster pic Dinocroc vs Supergator (US-2009; dir. Jim Wynorski), but it seems that Dinocroc has had plenty of practice on actual dinosaurs — and big ones, too!

In a recent National Geographic Channel doco, paleontologist and Explorer-in-Residence Paul Sereno revealed the existence of several species of dino-crocs — or, more accurately, prehistoric crocodiles — one of which reached an enormous size during the Cretaceous Period and frequently feasted on dinosaurs the size of a T-Rex. It is named Sarcosuchus Imperator, or “flesh crocodile emperor” and nicknamed “Super Croc”, here rendered facing off a Suchomimus. Remember to click on the images below to enlarge them:


At 40 feet long and weighed about ten tons, Super Croc is thought to have been bulky and powerful enough to down large dinosaurs.

Other fearsome dinocrocs include the “Boar Croc” (next two images below) and the “Pancake Croc” (image three below):




Other dinocrocs were somewhat smaller but look pretty cool. Check them out here.

Trailer for the National Geographic documentary “When Crocs Ate Dinosaurs”:

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