Weekend Fright Flick Festival: Zombie Hunters

Where there are zombies, there are zombie hunters — fearless (or just as often gormless) heroes who aren’t there merely to survive, but to kick living-dead arse. From Timothy Balme in Peter Jackson’s Brain Dead (see image below) to Simon Pegg in Shaun of the Dead to Woody Harrelson in Zombieland to Eri Otoguro in Onechanbara [aka Chanbara Beauty] they have invaded the box office, wielding lawnmowers, cricket bats, 1980s vinyl LPs, lead piping, shotguns, katana and anything else that comes to hand.

For your delectation this weekend, here is a collection of short zombie films featuring Zombie Hunters.



Zombiehunter (Austria-2006; short [5:24 min.]; dir. Stefan Müller)


After his wife had been killed by zombies, he is now hunting those beasts around the world. A new shelter has been found and now the Zombiehunter is going to do his bloody business.

Production Company: LOOM
Shooting Time: 2 days
Total Duration of Production: ca. 1/2 year
Team: 3 main crew, 4 crew, 15 extras
Locations: Austria / Styria (Graz)
Directed by: Stefan Müller
Script & Story by: Stefan Müller, Martin Schneider
DoP: Robert Niessner, Stefan Müller
Producer: Robert Niessner
First Assistant Director: Leopold F.J. Keber
Visual Effects: Robert Niessner
Makeup Artist: Leopold F.J. Keber
Music: Christian Scheucher, Stefan Müller
SFX & mastering: Stefan Müller, Christian Scheucher (ProTone)
Martin Schneider
Leopold Keber, Sandra Derler, Susanne Kirchner, Peter Hierländer, Stefan Müller, Vincent Seidl, Nils Kaltschmidt u.v.a.

Thanks to the DoP, Robert Niessner, for contacting us about this film.


Zombie Hunter (US-2005; short [11 min.]; dir. Geoff Hamby)



In a world overrun by the walking dead, an ex-gardener eeks out a living as a zombie killer for hire… “Mad Max meets Dawn of the Dead with a Spaghetti Western flavor”.

Due to technical problems, if you want to see this one you’ll have to do so on the film’s official website. Go to www.zombiehuntermovie.com and click on “Emergency Broadcast” top left on the menu. It’s worth it!



Skyler Phalanges: Zombie Hunter (US-2007; short [6:38 min.]; dir. Mike Lombardo)


When East Petersburg is overrun by the dead, it’s up to one man to stop them.


Zombie Hunter (US-2007; short [2:00 min.]; dir. Paul Braun)

Very home-made, but… well, kinda cute.


Zombie Hunter (US-2006; short [7:48] ;dir. Brian Haykin)


“In April of 2005, a group of amateur filmmakers disappeared while shooting a documentary about a zombie hunter.”


Trailer for The Zombie Hunters (US-2007; dir. Peter Maris)


Zombie Hunters: City of the Dead (US-2007; web series; created by Patrick Devaney)

As a zombie infestation begins to take hold in New York City, citizens are urged to stay calm…

Episode 1, Part 1:

Episode 1, Part 2:

Episode 1, Part 3:

Episode 1, Part 4:

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