Giant Space Chicken: The Upgrade Continues


Scifi artist Frank Wu — whose story “The Tragical History of Guidolon, the Giant Space Chicken” was a highlight of the giant monster anthology Daikaiju! Giant Monsters Tales (edited by myself and Robin Pen, Agog! Press, 2005; reprinted Prime Books, 2007) — has just released a sampler of design and animation work for the in-development Guidolon project:

He says of it on his blog Cheerfully Demented:

The sampler summarizes work done over the last couple years by yours truly, tech guru/technomage extraordinaire Brianna Spacekat Wu, without whom this project would have been impossible, Todd Tennant, who designed Guidolon, Number One, Jerora and Takashi Tamaal (the world’s greatest Shakespearean actor in a chicken suit), Jonah Gray, who did tons of character builds and animation, Sergio Sykes, who rigged the Takashi model, Terry Rosen, who, in a flurry of activity just before the con, did massive work on projects he’d been working on before: the weird centipede-like “Eagle” ship, and the XK-Omega-10 Jet Bug, and David Fleminger, who did the music, as surf guitar versions of “The Chicken Dance” (used with permission).

The animated film is about a giant space chicken who is making a film about a giant space chicken.

An archive of earlier images — a sort of pseudo-history of the project — is available on the Daikaiju! part of my website. This includes the first animation done.

The new material is looking fantastic and certainly augurs well for the final product.

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3 Responses to Giant Space Chicken: The Upgrade Continues

  1. Frank Wu says:

    Thanks, Robert! Yup, it all started with that Daikaiju! anthology (there are a ton of other great stories in there, too). Thanks for the shout-out.

    And, yes, everyone reading this – go and get the Australian version of the Daikaiju antho! Awesome interior color by Todd – of Guidolon!

  2. Robert Hood says:

    It really is looking good, Frank. You guys have obviously been hard at work on it. What are the current plans?

  3. Frank Wu says:

    Current plans are to focus on the first four minutes of the movie, which in the original story focus on Takashi (the Shakespearean actor in a chicken suit that Guidolon hires to play himself) destroying the city. But that’s confusing, so we’re going to have Guidolon destroy the city. It’s essentially the first fifteen seconds of the short we did a few years ago, but expanded out, with more giant monstery goodness.

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