Update: King Crab Attack!

Normally, a very short film wouldn’t warrant an update, especially when the facts of the case remain rather obscure (see earlier Undead Backbrain article here).

But this one has giant crabs and a great 1950s monster flick feel, and it looks great, so low-information quotient or not, here’s some new images from the film, an updated poster (still in Tarantula mode) and a new trailer.


New Trailer:

Transgenic giant crabs attack the beaches of Trouville. The evil Raymond Santos, owner of a nearby processing plant, seeks to increase his company’s profitability by mucking about with the genetic structure of ordinary crabs, which proceed to do what all good self-respecting critters do in those circumstances: they grow to an enormous size and go on a rampage of destruction. They are uncontrollable. Basile Garaud, a member of the coastguard, conducts an investigation into the matter. (Source: maville.com)


Sivan and the film crew at work in Trouville

Daniel Wild, producer of the film for Caimans Productions, says the film is a blend of comedy and horror incpired by 1950s monster films and features live-action and animation.


It stars Jean-Pierre Martins (“La Vie en Rose”), Serge Dupire, Charlotte Marin, Etienne Chicot, Martine Fontaine … and a bunch of really big crabs.



Some sources (such as the production company’s site and IMDb) give the running time as 7 minutes, some as 7.5 to 8, but at least two festivals list it as 6 minutes and two as 12 minutes!

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6 Responses to Update: King Crab Attack!

  1. chuck mckenzie says:

    Rob, they actually showed this on SBS the other night, sandwiched betwen two episodes of the brilliant ‘True Horror’ documentary series! And very entertaining it wa, too. Ten minutes long, I think

  2. Robert Hood says:

    Damn! That’ll teach me for not knowing what’s on TV! Thanks for the info, Chuck. Go on, write a review for us and I’ll put it up.

  3. chuck mckenzie says:

    Ummm..it was…highly stylised, fast-paced, and not to be taken at all seriously. Basically, the entire film plays as the ‘ad’ for an imaginary full-length feature, complete with ‘overly-serious’ narration, and telling us the entire story rom go to woah. Fun stuff.

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