Chewing the Scenery

B-horror flicks notoriously feature scenery-chewing performances, but what happens when the scenery consists of sewers?

That’s right — you get Sewer Chewer!


Sewer Chewer (US-2010 [currently in post-production]; dir. James Hawley aka Jack Acid)


A mutant amphibian goes on a killing rampage! A US space satellite falls from orbit, crashing into a small wooded area in Oklahoma. Toxic fuel spills out into the creek, radiating the local wildlife into a monstrous mutant creature that goes on a killing spree. While it’s devouring everything living in its path, a special retrieval agent from an unnamed government agency finds it’s up to him to stop the monster and keep it from the public news sources. With each new victim eaten, the chewer grows in size and teeth, becoming the ultimate predator.

With a title like that — evoking all those scenes from assorted horror films where the latest victim gets eaten while sitting on the loo or slooshing around in drain pipes — and an abundance of bloody imagery already revealed, including a puppet monster of the Yucky Kind that’s reminiscent of a tumor with teeth, you just know you’re in Troma territory here.

Face off! A victim, peeled

jiffy peeled

Tumor with Teeth? And tentacles?


creature in field

So in light of all that you shouldn’t be surprised to learn that Troma boss Lloyd Kaufman is involved, in a sewer-chewing role as a headline actor. He’s seen here with director Hawley and friend:


Writer/Director/editor/cinematagrapher/special effects guy James Hawley (who goes by the name Jack Acid and also produced the synth score, with help from John Manson on the Theremin) commented that the film wasn’t all mindless gore and gross-out humour. “Sewer Chewer is also a metaphor,” he explained.  “It features a man-made catastrophe that takes victims without pity, not discriminating against class or race, and growing, unstoppable with each new victim, much like the economic crisis the world now faces.”

Be Warned! There’s a high disgust factor involved in the following trailer….

Sewer Chewer

A feature film by James Hawley aka Jack Acid
Synth score by – Jack Acid
Theremin score performed by John Manson
Art Director – Tatum Cardillo
Produced by Pirate Audio
Executive Producer – James Hawley
Co-producers – Tandy Jones, Sky Splawn, Michael Jimboy
Writer/Director/editor/cinematagrapher/special effects – James Hawley
Web –
Filmed in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Tagline: Mother nature left the seat up

Run time 1:54:04
Language – English
Aspect ratio – 16:9 widescreen


  • Lloyd Kaufman
  • Jiffy Houghton
  • Dan Hoganson
  • Michael Jimboy
  • Steve Jones
  • Theodore Drake
  • John Manson
  • Butch Canfield
  • Sean Dressler
  • Tandy Jones
  • Sky Splawn
  • Christopher George
  • Ash Barker
  • Kuper Banks
  • Christy Harper
  • Jack Acid
  • Jimmy Kennedy
  • Kyle Walker
  • Matt Pierson

Below some victimising in progress — first Tandy Jones gets chewered, and then Jiffy Houghton gets peeled:




Apparently the cast and crew of Sewer Chewer — which is still in post-production — are all well known Oklahoma musicians from the punk/rockabilly scene, harking from the bands Captain Eyeball and Billy Joe Winghead. The film also features members of the DJ collective Pirate Audio Sound System. Says Hawley:

“Pirate Audio began working on film projects in 2006 under the moniker PAX23, and carry the same artist collective philosophy that we followed when releasing albums and throwing concerts. No one gets paid and all profits go back into the next production, either spent on new gear, web maintence or promotion, etc. Everything is self-financed, with no outside investors, and usually self distributed.”

director James mixing secret blood formula

Above: director Hawley mixes up his secret blood formula. Hey, catering’s important for crew morale.

In terms of trivia, it’s worth noting that, according to Hawley, the ditch sequence in Sewer Chewer takes place in the same ditch/creek that Lon Chaney Jr was dunked in by his father Lon Chaney Sr.  after he was still-born — and the ice-cold waters revived him. Which might explain his subsequent film career…

Apparently no film permits were used for the shooting of Sewer Chewer, which was entirely filmed “guerrilla style”, except for the private residence sequences.

One evening, while filming at the Penn Avenue ditch, a body prop was left behind and discovered the next day by some kids, who promptly called the police. The police had to have forensics come out to determine if the body was real. News 9 OKC ran a story about this and then a follow-up feature on the filmmaker and the movie.


Actor Steve Jones about to be Chewered

Above: Actor Steve Jones about to be Chewered

Steve and James setting up stage 2 Sewer Chewer monster in a field

Above: Steve Jones and James Hawley try to work out how the Stage 2 Sewer Chewer monster fits together

Did I mention that the monster ends up about the size of a van?

Sewer Chewer is set to premiere in Oklahoma City on Saturday March 20th at a special double-feature screening of Sewer Chewer and Incest Death Squad — with a live performance by Billy Joe Winghead.  “Two indie grindhouse feature films, BOTH starring Lloyd Kaufman, and one super-charged kickass band”. The venue is Route 66 Bowling Alley and the doors open at 8pm. Go to the film’s Facebook page for more details as they are revealed.

Addendum: About the Director

Over the last 20 years, James Hawley’s projects have included visual effects, designing and publishing music trade periodicals, advertising, gallery exhibitions, art installations, branding, writing and directing feature film and music videos. His work for clients such as Honda and XM Satellite has established him as a corporate designer, while his work with numerous concert promoters and grassroots enterprises has garnered him a reputation as a cutting edge contemporary designer. James is a true multi-discipline artist and designer, with hands-on experience from the pre-computer age of graphic design using wax paste-up methods to today’s Adobe standards and has auxiliary skills in binding from saddle stitch to glue methods, and silk screening.

Hawley’s film interests began in elementary school when given an old Bell and Howell Super-8 camera and he quickly began shooting his own films. After cutting his teeth in guerrilla film-making in high school, using his family’s VHS camera, he started making skateboard videos: videos that were both cutting-edge and on the fringe. An early highlight included shooting a daring skateboard sequence in a local bank. True to his renegade roots, James began throwing underground rave parties in the 1990s where he established himself as a DJ, and as one of the pioneers of the traveling rave culture, solidifying himself a permanent spot in history when he was included in Dr John St. Clair’s book, Technomads. (See Wikipedia entry on music culture.)

James currently resides in Oklahoma City with his wife of 18 years and son. In his spare time he records for multiple dance music labels, travels as a celebrated DJ at various parties and festivals around the globe, and still likes to kick it on his skate board.

Sewer Chewer is James’ second feature film.

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15 Responses to Chewing the Scenery

  1. Avery says:

    Awesome!! Must see this gross out Troma-ish giant critter flick! Can’t wait!

  2. Cory J Udler says:

    Congrats, James! The world is SO not ready for Sewer Chewer!!!!

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  4. James says:

    thank you,
    The Chewer has finally surfaced!

  5. Toxic Fan says:

    I have been waiting for this, release date???

  6. Robert Hood says:

    Toxic Fan, it’s premiering on 20 March in Oklahoma City. DVD some time after that, date to be advised.

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  8. little sad man says:

    im excited about this, im going to have keep my eye out….thanks for the heads up!

  9. Amy Webster says:

    This is great James! I can’t wait til the showing!!!

  10. Amy Webster says:

    This is great James! I can’t wait til the premier!

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  14. Eric says:

    that piece of lying sack of shit. After the news 9 interview I wasted a whole summer working on this piece of crap and we were supposed to split all profits 50/50. He left his wife and moved into my house until my wife couldnt take his no shower taking ass eating up all our food then after he went crawling back to his wife he cut me out of the movie and has been making false accusations against me in an attempt to not have to pay now that hes trying to distribute it.

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