Coming Eventually: Feeding Frenzy

Been wondering when someone would come up with a new “rubber puppet monster” horror-comedy franchise along the lines of those classics from the 1980s, Critters and Gremlins? Well, this might be it.

Feeding Frenzy (US-2010; dir. Mike Stoklasa)

What’s the monster in the box like? We don’t know, but the dry humour on display here bodes well for the film.

The director commented to the Backbrain: “It’s a feature length film. We have about 85% in the can and looking to finish the final scenes in March sometime.” So what’s it like? “Well, it’s more of a satirical comedy than a real creature kind of movie — a sort of homage to the rubber puppet monster films of the ’80s.”

Feeding Frenzy‘s tagline is “The shit just got real!” — which Avery has declared to be “the tagline of the year”. Maybe we’ll make a contest out of it. I’ll collect taglines during 2010 and readers of Undead Backbrain can vote in December….

Watch this space for more information (and images from the film) soon.


Mike Stoklasa’s previous films are The Recovered (2008; co-directed with Jay Bauman), in which an estranged daughter returns to her hometown for her mother’s funeral only to be haunted by strange visions and recovered memories of a forgotten childhood horror, thus putting her grip on reality and her own sanity under threat; and the irresistible, obviously very serious, puppet-driven epic Oranges: The Revenge of the Eggplant (2004):

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