Weekend Fright Film: Cencoroll

Cencoroll (Japan-2009; animation, short [25 min.]; dir. Atsuya Uki)

A beautiful piece of Japanese animation — written, directed and edited by Atsuya Uki from his own manga. It features strange flesh-machine daikaiju and looks great. Here’s the whole thing in three parts. Enjoy!



A huge monster shows up on the top of a building in an ordinary city, prompting the Defense Forces to go into action and causing something of an uproar in the citizens of the city. Yuki, a brave-hearted and naturally inquisitive girl, happens to know a secret: her friend Tetsu has been keeping and raising a strange creature called Cenco. When a mysterious boy appears who has control over the huge monster threatening the town, an unexpected battle between the creatures begins. But what are each of the combatants fighting for? Who are they really? And by getting involved in the battle, what fate will Yuki bring down upon herself?


Cencoroll Part 1:

Cencoroll Part 2:

Cencoroll Part 3:

Thanks to Giant Monsters Attack!

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