Bikini (Monster) Gallery *Update*

Somehow, bikinis and monsters — particularly in conjunction — say “schlock horror” more forcefully than almost any of the other possible components that can contribute to an archetypal exploitation film. This fact alone is bound to get Bikini Monsters (US-2010; dir. Terence Muncy)  lots of attention. Here the conjunction of bikinis and monsters is about as conjuncted as it gets.



In a secluded laboratory just off the Florida coast a scientist works feverishly on his grizzly experiment. Known by local transients only as “the beach bum” He has dedicated his life to creating the ultimate expression of beauty, a mermaid. In the wake of his dark obsession is a trail of test subjects left horrifically twisted and mutated abominations the likes of which mankind has never seen…. until now. As the experiment continues, detective Elizabeth Wayne opens an investigation into the disappearance of several local women and their ultimate fate. Aided by Marine biologist Craig Hoffman and Mike Shelton detective Wayne must play the final gambit to lure her nemesis from hiding and use herself as bait.

The Backbrain has chewed over this film since first announcing its presence in July last year. Now director Muncy has provided a new trailer and a bunch of “glamour” lobby cards for the film’s titular stars.


Lobby Cards: The Bikini Monsters







Muncy tells us that the editing is happening, albeit slowly, but that it is hoped that the film will be out by the (American) bikini summer season.

For the record, here is the earlier teaser trailer:

Addendum: when I asked Avery (on the instigation of a correspondent) if he knew when and how Bikini Monsters would be released, this is the answer he gave:

It’s actually going to be released [for now] independently on DVD — unless a distributor is interested and makes a great offer to which the producers can’t refuse. Otherwise it will be only an independent disc … probably available through Amazon/CreateSpace like many indie filmmakers are doing these days so as not to get ripped-off by the distributors. The director told me he’d love to have it finished and released by the American summer/bikini season but it’s currently in the hands of two editors and isn’t progressing as fast as he’d like it to, so it may be this Fall at the latest. Hope that helps … oh and tell the correspondent that I’ll keep you posted on any updates in articles for the site and that I, too, am very much looking forward to this one.

Thanks, Avery!

  • Source: Terence Mincy
  • Written: Robert Hood  |  Research: Avery Guerra
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5 Responses to Bikini (Monster) Gallery *Update*

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  2. Avery says:

    Looks friggin awesome!! Can’t wait!!

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  4. Bikini mom says:

    Is this film going to be out for wide release? Looks pretty intense, and very interesting.

  5. Robert Hood says:

    Bikini Mom, check the article again for an answer to your question. I added an addendum after consulting my Search-Robot, Avery.

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