Want to See More of Adèle Blanc-Sec?

Luc Besson’s Les Aventures Extraordinaires D’Adèle Blanc-Sec is definitely one of the most anticipated releases of 2010. It’s Indiana-Jonesish qualities, and the peculiarly French idiosyncracies that will inevitably be brought to the production by Besson and the story’s original source, it promises to set a new standard for classy supernatural-themed period adventure tales.

The Backbrain has been obsessing about it for some time, though we’re not likely to see it for a while yet. It premiered at the Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival on 9 April and was due to open theatrically in Belgium, France and the French-speaking region of Switzerland on 14 April, but there has been no word on a release in the English-speaking world yet (that I’ve heard of anyway).

Meanwhile, though there have been a plethora of posters for the film released, the poster below is said to be the final, official one — emphasising, as it does, many of the film’s central attractions — Egypt, pterodactyl, assorted eccentric characters and in particular Louise Bourgoin:


Personally, I would have added the mummy that inhabits the film’s narrative (see the first clip below).


Adèle Blanc-Sec – Extrait “la momie”
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Adèle Blanc-Sec – Extrait “Caponi”
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Adèle Blanc-Sec – Extrait “Dédicace”
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And finally, the Pterodactyl:

And here is a Behind-the-Scenes video:

  • Source: via Twitchfilm
  • Writing: Robert Hood  |  Research: Avery Guerra

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