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The Cran Brothers’ in-production giant monster flick, The Millennium Bug (US-2010; dir Kenneth Cran) — which the Backbrain highlighted on 4 April — is getting weirder as we learn more about it. Of central interest is the fact that it features a giant monster done in the old style — model-work, man-in-suit and miniature set for trashing. But it seems it has a very horror-esque scenario beyond that, as the old dark house below testifies.



When the Haskin family seeks refuge from Y2K hysteria in the isolated forests of the Sierra Diablos mountains, madness and terror find them there. Abducted by a vicious hillbilly clan, the Haskins fight for survival, but neither they nor the hillbilly Crawfords can comprehend the monstrous nightmare about to erupt from the bowels of the earth.


It seems that the film involves a family who are kidnapped by an inbred hillbilly clan, to be used as a reproductive resource and gene-pool for cleansing and extending the bloodline. But for reasons as yet unexplained a giant prehistoric bug arises and all daikaiju hell breaks loose. In terms of the destruction involved the following comment from the film’s Facebook page indicates the Cran Brothers’ admirable commitment to miniature set annihilation:

Director Kenneth Cran and producer James Cran shot 99 percent of “The Millennium Bug” inside of a 700-square foot warehouse, building and destroying several complete sets in the process… (Facebook page)

On the Set: Below — The Brothers Cran (Jim left, Ken right) with Ben Seton as “Rip” — poster-boy for the inbred Crawfords:


On the Set: Below — Model of the deformed baby used for a “very graphic birth scene”:


The birth scene: Below, with (from left) Ginger Pullman, John Charles Meyer, Ben Seton and Trek Loneman


On Set: Below, Ken Cran sculpting somebody — or something — called “Orpheus”:


On Set: Below, on the Cabin set prepping for the “gunshot-to-the-leg” effect:


Characters: Below, Trek Loneman as Uncle Hibby Crawford


Characters: Below, John Charles Meyer as Billa Crawford in a moment of musical transcendence (can you play the dueling banjo theme from “Deliverance” on a solo violin?)


Conflict: Below, with Jessica Simons as Joany Haskin the centre of attention



There are many more images from the set of The Millennium Bug in the Gallery below and on the film’s official homepage (none of the monster though… sorry).


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