First Cloverfield, Now Brookfield?


At the bottom of Lake Michigan a sleeping terror waits. Lying dormant for centuries, now it has come ashore…

In late 2009, something huge rose from the waters of Lake Michigan and attacked the City of Milwaukee, leaving a trail of traumatised folk in its wake. The government tried to cover it all up, but Firestarter Films, aided and abetted by Jon Richter of Supermassive Studios, collected footage shot by assorted residents and put it together so that we could get some idea of what happened.


Or so the story goes.


Richter explains:

Brookfield was created for a film event that happens every other month here in Milwaukee. For each event there is a theme. Last January the theme was a parody of monster attack movies like Cloverfield. Since I own a small VFX and production company (Supermassive Studios), I was asked to create the original version so that people had an idea of what to contribute. [This is the version you can see below.]. My short also became the trailer for the event. The footprint image [above] was the shadow matte used in 3D to make the footprint hole seen in the film.


One more interesting tidbit — the orange sculpture seen flying down the street in the beginning is a notorious piece of street art here in Milwaukee called “The Sunburst”. Many people dislike it and have petitioned for it to be removed several times. We thought it was funny to have our monster throw it down the street.



The Promo Teaser:

The Extended Footage:

Brookfield – Extended Trailer from Supermassive Studios on Vimeo.

The following promo was also created, adding its bit to the “mythos” of conspiracy underlying the concept. It is here that the monster is named — Lakeicane — for reasons that should become obvious.

In the finished film the monster is not seen. With the other contributions edited into it, what Brookfield represents is a collection of “footage” taken by people caught in the monster’s path.


The Compiled Film:

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