The Return of the Giant Norwegian Egg

Remember the Egg?

You don’t? How could you forget Norway’s first cinematic giant monster, released upon the world in the short teaser Giant Egg Attack! Go to this Undead Backbrain article right now to whet your appetite.

Exciting news today from co-creator Geir Are Mo that they’ve been busy cooking up the next course of the Giant Egg Attack! saga. It’s well and truly in production and will hit the internet as soon as life stops interfering with his attempts to crack off the last fragments of the shell. Meanwhile he’s sent us some screenshots that give spectacular indication of what’s on the menu. Click to see the pics full size.

It Rises!


It Rampages!


It Trashes the City!


And all before breakfast!

Stay tuned! And keep the water boiling!

  • Source: Geir Are Mo via Avery. Text by Robert Hood.
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