Weekend Fright Flick: Frantic Undead


This weekend’s journey into monstrosity comes from artist Maxwell Perry, whom we featured earlier in the week for his upcoming giant squid animated short called, not inappropriately, Giant Squid. In that article I promised you a look at his previous film, an animated zombie film — Frantic Undead (US-2009; short [8.35 min.]).


Here’s what he told us about it:

The idea for Frantic Undead came after I participated in a charity benefit zombie-walk in 2008. I was working in my studio one day thereafter and started drawing on my digital tablet. What I ended up with eventually became the scene where Ethyl chops one of the zombie’s arms off as they try to smash through the bedroom door.

I had a few scenes together in no time, and a few weeks later I had the original trailer for Frantic Undead. Actually, the first trailer was made before there was even a script for the film. Fortunately, I was aware, even at that point, that what I wanted out of the project was to create an old school 1970s style cabin-in-the-woods zombie cartoon.

After I worked on it for about three months, some friends of mine came over to voice-over the entire script. I used my dining room as a recording studio. It’s a little funny really. Here we were doing take after take, screaming obscenities at the top of our lungs, at my dining room table with a microphone between us in the middle of the day. It wasn’t exactly “The Simpsons,” but of course, that was never really the idea.

[Pictured below is the voice cast, obviously worn out from chowing down on all the blood and human flesh: from left to right, Jason, Lauren, Anna, Max:]

Frantic Undead Voiceover Cast Photo Left to Right- Jason, Lauren, Anna, Max

Frantic Undead contains lots of cartoon  gore and cannibal zombie action, so as Perry says, “if you’re the type of person that enjoys a good laugh during an especially gory horror film”, then you’ll enjoy Frantic Undead.


So grab your gun and shoot for the head!



The Full-Length Short — Frantic Undead:

  • Thanks to Maxwell Perry and Avery Guerra.
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