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Independent horror filmmaker Sv Bell and Black Flag Pictures is going great guns in the production of impressive-looking low-budget genre films, the latest being Crawler — a film about a monstrous bulldozer that goes several steps beyond Jerry London’s 1974 malicious ‘dozer pic Killdozer. Here, the monstrous ‘dozer isn’t merely a piece of machinery that has become inhabited by a supernatural force. Rather it is an entity is its own right — a bad-tempered alien that takes on the appearance of objects with which it comes in contact. What it first comes in contact with is a huge bulldozer. The result is more slimy, has more tentacles and looks considerably weirder and more bloody than Theodore Sturgeon’s famous killer earth-mover.



Above: independent film production can cause the strongest of men to go to pieces!

You can read more about the film when Undead Backbrain highlighted it back in October 2008. Since then Crawler, completed in 2009, has been an Official Selection at several international film festivals, winning Bronze as Best Quebec Feature Film 2009 at the Fantasia Film Festival and Best Feature Film 2009 at Wreck-Beach International Film Festival.


Crawler (US-2008; dir. Sv Bell)


A crew on a remote construction site [working for Overdrive Construction in an allusion to that other famous sentient machinery tale, Stephen King’s 1986 Maximun Overdrive] are plagued by a series of bizarre mishaps. As the incidents turn more and more savage, it becomes clear that the sole link to the deadly events … is a 50-ton bulldozer.  The aggressive bulldozer, which appears to have a mind of its own — and an insatiable hate for the human race, is in fact a shape-shifting lifeform that mimics and inherits the characteristics of its surroundings.

And did I mention that the entity doesn’t just bulldozer its victims into the ground, but is quite capable of turning them into zombies?


Crawler-0077-Sylvain Legare

Director Sv Bell appeared on Electric Playground at the end of last year, talking about Crawler, Black Flag Pictures and the value of independent filmmaking:

Bell has also provided Undead Backbrain with a gallery of exclusive images from the film as well as behind-the-scenes and production shots, and alternative Canadian and European posters. Check them out below. As soon as we hear more about the film’s availability we’ll let you know.



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  1. kissmo says:

    Another film with machines….?Good graphics is not expected in low budget film..

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