What Up with Lake Okanagan?

The Beast of Bottomless Lake is what’s up with Lake Okanagan. Known as Ogopogo, the Beast is a classic lake monster that dwells in the darkest depths, rising every now and then to scare visitors, annoy rationalists and foster local tourism, while remaining elusive — a bit like Nessie herself.


Now someone wants to expose Ogopogo to the world.

Beast of Bottomless Lake poster

The Beast of Bottomless Lake (Canada-2010; dir. Craig March)

An independent film and cryptozoological comedy, which Undead Backbrain featured back in 2008 as production was beginning, The Beast of Bottomless Lake has just met with its first success, winning Best Feature at the Mississauga Independent Film Festival on 11 July — its initial festival appearance.

Early Teaser:

The Beast of Bottomless Lake teaser trailer

It looks like it will be a lot of fun, with classy production values, good actors and a script full of wry humour






Deep in the waters of the bottomless lake known as Okanagan, lives the serpent like creature, Ogopogo. Some say it’s a myth, others say they’ve seen it. For Dr Paul Moran, Cryptozoologist [played by David Nykl], it could be his ticket to fame and fortune and the validation he’s always been searching for.

Follow Dr Moran and his team of dedicated and not so dedicated adventurers as they embark on a hilarious and sometimes tragic expedition to prove the existence of the creature and change our perception of the world as we know it. Oh, and claim the two-million dollar bounty that goes along with it. (Official website)


Take a look at this newly released trailer.

New Trailer:

Below is an interview with lead star David Nyki on his role as the obsessive and exploitative cryptozoologist Dr Moran:

Here is a scene from the film, in which Dr Moran and his slightly embarrassing technician introduce a new piece of monster-detecting equipment called the “Ness Sled” to the team:

Several other videos to do with The Beast can be seen on the Provost Pictures YouTube Channel. Below, Undead Backbrain offers some more images from what looks like it will be a highlight independent for 2010.





Beast of Bottomless Lake pic 2


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2 Responses to What Up with Lake Okanagan?

  1. Hey there.

    Kennedy from Provost Pictures here. Thanks for the bump.

    Tomorrow night (July 21st) we are the opening film of the Okanagan International Film Festival. Very much looking forward to taking the film back “home” so to speak.

    Keep in touch and look for more… On the film and Ogopogi, of course.

    – K

  2. Kennedy Goodkey says:

    More updates… all info on our web page: http://www.provostpictures.com/

    But in short – “Beast…” is currently playing in Super Channel in Canada.


    DVDs are coming in late June – and can be pre-ordered by following the information on our website.

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