Update: Future Fighters


Future Fighters is a big live-action mecha epic — full of space battles, giant robots and, as seems inevitable these days, 3D thrills. We featured it on Undead Backbrain last June, and now, in a press release issued for Comic Con, British producer Guy Orlebar has announced that Korean director/producer of the original 1986 animated Transformers movie Nelson Shin will be directing, with Hong Kong director Ken Siu (The Forbidden Kingdom, Fearless, Rush Hour) as Assistant Director.


Above: Nelson Shin and Guy Orlebar, pictured in Seoul

Other announcements include the fact that WETA, the New Zealand-based SFX superstars responsible for Lord of the Rings trilogy, Peter Jackson’s King Kong, District 9, the monster from The Host and much of Avatar — will be involved. Japanese karate action star Rina Takeda also joins the cast.


Meanwhile, long-time Transformers comic writer Simon Furman will be penning the graphic novelisation of Future Fighters, with the film’s production designer Guido Guidi (Fantastic Four, X-Men) on the artwork itself.

You can download the full press release as a PDF document here.

  • Source: Guy Orlebar via Avery Guerra.
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