Look! Up in the Sky… It’s Super Shark!

It’s huge. It’s strong. It uses its fins to walk on the land. It flies through the air, leaping tall buildings with a single swipe of the tail. Yes, in the world of one-upmanship that is independent cinema, it was bound to happen. Jaws has not only become giant-monster sized so that he can snack on the Golden Gate Bridge — as in films such as Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus (US-2009; dir. Ace Hannah) — but he’s also been given powers hitherto confined to lowly superhumans. It’s Fred Olen Ray’s new addition to the genre: Super Shark [aka Super Shark Attack]!

Addition: Here’s a great image of Super Shark cannily snatched off the trailer by the folk at DreadCentral:


It stars John Schneider (Shark Swarm, Ogre, Smallville, Dukes of Hazzard)


Jimmie JJ Walker (Good Times),


Jerry Lacy (Dark Shadows, Play It Again, Sam),


as well as Tim Abell (Attack of the 60 Foot Centerfolds, American Bandits), Sarah Lieving (Frankenstein Reborn, Dracula’s Curse, The Dunwich Horror), Ted Monte, Rebecca Grant, Randy Mulkey, Shane Van Dyke (Shark Swarm, Transmorphers: Fall of Man, Paranomral Entity), Mike Gaglio (Sharktopus, Megaconda, Super Ninja Bikini Babes), and Dylan Vox.

And as superheroes have beautiful women to adore them and to be saved by them, Super Shark’s got to have a bevy of hot chicks in bikinis (to get eaten, no doubt):




If only it had X-ray vision as well….

More pics in the Gallery below.

Source: via Avery Guerra. Written by Robert Hood


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  2. Steve says:

    So when does Super Shark come out?

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