Weekend Fright Flick: It Came From Beyond the Mountain

So you reckon “they don’t make ’em like that any more”? Well, maybe they do. Director Douglas Bankston’s retro-50s giant monster film, It Came From Beyond the Mountain is here presented in its full 10:38 minute version.

According to Bankston, the story behind the film goes like this:

Long thought to have been destroyed in the great vault fire of ’59, a print [of ICFBTM] was discovered during the police raid of a reclusive collector’s home and can now be seen for the first time in 40 years! Teens are terrorized by a giant rampaging spider mutated in a 1950s atomic test gone awry, featuring a mad general, a freight train and a mind-numb… I mean bending… climax that will make your brain turn into some sort of quivering, gelatinous substance. This restored director’s cut features footage found under a bed in room 927 in the Roosevelt Hotel.

So we present, for the first time since 1959, It Came From Beyond the Mountain. Enjoy!

It Came from Beyond the Mountain from Douglas Bankston on Vimeo.

Bankston adds: “On a completely unrelated note, my short film The Courier just (and I mean just) won Best Film at the 48 Hour Film Project in Little Rock. Unfortunately, it didn’t draw horror or sci-fi as the genre but rather thriller/suspense.

Source: Douglas Bankston via Avery Guerra

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