Getting an Inkling of the Frenzy

Feeding Frenzy is a new independent film that directors Mike Stoklasa and Jay Bauman of Red Letter Media describe as “a tongue-in-cheek homage to the rubber puppet monster movies of the 80s such as Critters, Ghoulies, and all the other films that ripped off Gremlins.”

The following is a slew of resources that together should convey the idea that this independent comic-horror schlock film is being created with love and talent.


A mysterious old man named Mr Plinkett is keeping a deep dark secret locked away in the basement of a small-town hardware store: vicious, flesh-eating creatures with a mysterious past. Once these creatures escape, all hell breaks loose and it’s up to Jesse, an incompetent hardware store employee, to stop them from turning the town into a feeding frenzy! (Official website)


Behind the Scenes: Part 1

Behind the Scenes: Part 2

Behind the Scenes: Part 3

The film stars Ron Lipski, Gillian Bellinger, Tina Krause, Rich Evans and Jack Packard. You can read about them here.

The DVD will be available soon.

Inking the Poster:

DC Comics Illustrator Freddie E. Williams II is the man responsible for the cover, and he has supplied an interesting few videos showing how he created it. These would be of special interest to artists out there, giving considerable insight into the use of digital media to create artworks such as posters. Below is his introduction, in which he has a few things to say about creator/director Mike Stoklasa and the film:

The rest of the videos can be found on Freddie E. Williams II’s YouTube Channel.

Source: Official Website via Avery Guerra. Written by Robert Hood.

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  3. Teak Garden says:

    Once these creatures escape, all hell breaks loose and it’s up to Jesse, an incompetent hardware store employee…..

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