This is a Big ‘N!

“It’s the size of a mountain!”

“It is the mountain!”

It’s called Behemoth (US/Canada-2010; dir. David Hogan)

But not this one!

At this point, the new Behemoth has a small poster, even if his presence in the film is gigantic. [Addendum: we’ve now replaced it with an appropriately large version…]

The film is a US/Canadian giant monster flick — made for an estimated budget of US$1.3 million by Cinetel Films, distributed by RHI Entertainment and destined for the SyFy Channel — and its monster is really big. The newly released trailer looks promising, even for its low-budget status.


It stars Cindy Busby (The Vampire Diaries), Ed Quinn (True Blood, Eureka), Jessica Parker Kennedy (Smallville), William B. Davis (of X-Files fame), Pascale Hutton (Ginger Snaps: Unleashed, Flashpoint, Traveler) and Ty Olsson (The Crow: Stairway to Heaven, Kingdom Hospital, Battlestar Galactica, Defying Gravity). And a really big critter.


An earthquake reactivates a long-dormant volcano threatening the small town of Ascension, trembling in its shadow. But the gaping maws in the region reveal evidence of something else—a centuries-old subterranean creature at last given the chance to break free in a black cloud of fire and ash. As the Behemoth wreaks havoc, it’s a race against time as a small band of rescuers fight it with a force as destructive as the beast itself.


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