From the Asylum: Moby Dick Trailer

Let it not be said that the Asylum haven’t been enthusiastically throwing their controversial creative efforts into the world of giant monsters. Just recently we saw images from the sequel to their mega-successful Big Things flick Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus — Mega Shark vs Crocosaurus. Now comes the trailer to their modernised, giant-monsterfied version of the American classic novel, Herman Melville’s Moby Dick.

And the Great White Whale is BIG!


As you no doubt saw, 2010: Moby Dick (US-2010; dir. Trey Stokes) stars Barry Bostwick (Spin City) as the modern-day obsessive, Captain Ahab, whose quest for revenge endangers all those who sail with him — and Renee O’Connor (of Xena fame) as Dr Michelle Herman. There’s an introductory article to it (with pictures) on Undead Backbrain.

Bring it on!

Source: The Asylum via Avery.

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3 Responses to From the Asylum: Moby Dick Trailer

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  2. inmate977 says:

    this was way better than i was thinking. the whale looks fierce, bostwick looks pissed and renee o’connor looks like a woman. that plus that plus that = helluva time in store for us!

    COMMITTED – an asylum blog

  3. tony says:

    Renee is a very sexy lady. Yummy. hot hot hot

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