Weekend Fright Film: Paul Dowers Festival

This weekend’s Fright Flick Festival features a sequence of four low budget horror spoof films about a vengeful dummy — and a supernatural flick, A Vengefull Ghost. All are the work of producer/writer/director Paul Dowers, who set up Barking Mad Films with a bunch of friends, simply to have a good time creating these cinematic epics. To read about Dowers’ latest film, One Dark Night, check out the article on Undead Brainspasm, where Dowers talks a bit about how Barking Mad Films came about.

A Vengefull Ghost (short  [5:54 min.])


On his way back from the pub Gary is so desperate to go to toilet, he decides to go in the local graveyard. Something follows him back to his flat and strange things start to happen.

A VENGEFULL GHOST from Paul Dowers on Vimeo.

Attack of the Training Dummy (short [1:41 min.])

Synopsis: A training dummy is tired of getting beaten up everyday,he decides to take revenge on his owner.

Attack of the Training Dummy 2: Bob Strikes Back (short [3:04 min.])

Synopsis: A training dummy wants revenge for the death of his brother.

Attack of the Training Dummy 3: The Dummy Army (short [3:29 min.])

Synopsis: Bob’s relatives want revenge for his death, so they gather a dummy army.

Attack of the Training Dummy 4: The Final Conflict (short[4:22])

Synopsis: A mysterious man in black attacks the Dummies headquarters.

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