The Second Secret of Loch Ness

Michael Rowitz has released a sequel to his first venture into the world’s most famous cryptozoological site, The Secret of Loch Ness [aka Das Wunder von Loch Ness] (Germany-2008). The Secret of Loch Ness 2 [aka Das zweite Wunder von Loch Ness] (Germany-2010) was, like its predecessor, made for German TV. It cost an estimated €300,000 to make, and relies heavily on the expertise of its skilled CGI crew not just to animate Nessie but to create the small gnomic creatures that are an integral part of the film’s story.


Eleven year old Tim tempts fate and takes a flight to Scotland with his father Eric. They were happy there two years ago, shortly before his mother Anna died in a car accident. In Scotland, Tim combs through the Hartspring Castle and its crypt, mini-Indiana Jones style. He finds a chart with Celtic characters, that refers to the true history of the legendary Loch Ness monster.

The Secret of Loch Ness 2 is a family adventure film, with a young protagonist (played by Lukas Schust), hidden secrets dating from earlier times, bad guys intent on gaining their objective at any cost, small animated creatures with big cute eyes and a sense of wicked humour and, of course, the endangered Nessie herself. It also stars Hans-Werner Meyer, Rufus Beck and Thomas Fritsch.


Trailer of the original The Secret of Loch Ness (2008):

More images from the film are available in the Gallery below. You can check out the Undead Backbrain coverage of the first film here, including lots of pictures and its opening 6 minutes. The original trailer can be viewed on YouTube and the DVD of The Secret of Loch Ness can be purchased from Amazon.

Note that though Das zweite Wunder von Loch Ness has aired on German TV and is now available on DVD in Europe, an international release and DVD version is still on the way.


For those interested in the more background on the film and its creation, there is excellent and detailed  information on the 3D rendering website Polygon Pete, information on the locations where the film was shot in the Alps, and a portrait of lead actor Hans-Werner Meyer [in German]. And below is a showreel from 3D animator Wolfgang Haas, character animator on the first film):

Image Gallery:

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