What’s Better Than Giant Robots Fighting Giant Monsters?

Answer: Not much!

Writer Michael May of Michael May’s Adventureblog — in itself a must-visit resource for those into comic art — is currently involved in a free web-comic called Kill All Monsters! It has nothing to do with Godzilla or the G-flick Kaiju soshingeki [aka Destroy All Monsters] (1968; dir. Ishirô Honda), but it does feature giant mecha-style robots fighting giant monsters of various shapes and political persuasions.

The comic is updated every Friday, with three new pages added then. So far there are 11 pages — all crammed full with tentacles, stomping feet, urban rubble and kaiju action, set against the backdrop of Paris. Why? We don’t know yet. Early days and all that. So far, we haven’t got more than a brief glimpse of the pilots of the robot fighting machines — except as disembodied “voices” — but there has been a heap of secondhand scrap metal created from various Parisian buildings. As the web-comic progresses, we will no doubt come to understand what’s going on, and in the meantime you can revel in artist Jason Copland’s scenes of monstrous black-and-white conflict.

Kill All Monsters! — written by Michael May, drawn by Copland and lettered by Ed Brisson — is hosted by the Review 2 A Kill website. Go there, bookmark it, and know you’ll have three new pages of giant monster action ready to stomp along to each weekend.

You can also read a two-part interview with May starting here.

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  4. Michael May says:

    Thanks so much, Robert!

    And I promise: all questions will be answered. 🙂

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