Zorro vs Zombies (and Other Stuff)

Do the permutations in our cultural use of zombies never end? Well, hopefully not. Though I know folk who are “over the whole zombie thing”, for the rest of us the fun continues!

Silver Fox Comics is a new Australian comic publisher and their debut release is a great-looking, 2-story, 52-page, supernatural extravaganza featuring the Spanish “Robin Hood” and Batman analogue, “the original Dark Avenger”, Zorro. And, in this case, zombies.

The creation of writer Sorab Del Rio, the comic is reputedly filled with “Drugs, Sex, Blades, Guns, Zombies and Samurai!” and has even been praised by President and CEO of Zorro Productions, John Gertz, as the “boldest and [most] daring Zorro comic ever created!”

The internal art by Emerson Dimaya? Here’s a sample action page:

Aly Fell supplies the cover art, in this first instance at least, a double reverse cover. The two stories in this first issue are:

The Defeat by Destiny:

The first story “The Defeat by Destiny” sees Zorro facing Spanish General Louis Cypher, the new regency of California. Cypher plans to introduce the destructive but profitable influence of opium into the Americas. Under his auspices Yoshiko the empress of Opium and her Samurai warrior Ashikaga enter California to begin a trade route between the Americas and Japan. Opium would be sold cheaply and widely to the natives and peasants, and if history was to repeat itself create a never ending demand for opium. Cypher begins to opium wars by subjugating the Indian tribe of Zorro’s mother for their land and to “colonise” the naives.The Indian chief is killed and his daughter, the last survivor of his blood is kidnapped. Cypher sets the trap with Aiyana held captive by the Spanish Guard and Ashikaga. Aiyana’s life is held at stake unless Zorro reveals his true identity, forcing the ultimate duel of Zorro against Ashikaga the Samurai Warrior. This story also introduces Mirella the gypsy fortune teller and Zorro’s link to the netherworld and a love interest Carmelita. I wanted this story to have parallels to modern day social and historical contexts — drugs, commercial exploitation, the destruction of indigenous races — this is perhaps the biggest Zorro prelude ever. (Dorab Del Rio)

Love Never Ends:

The second story “Love Never Ends” is my version of a Spanish Gothic Horror Love Gone Wrong story! I’m a big fan of “The Walking Dead” and wrote this almost immediately after reading it. But one of the things I hated about Zombie movies was the complete loss of memory Zombies had. So in this story I gave one Zombie the recall of the his greatest passions – love, love lost and ultimately revenge. For once, here was a Zombie in complete control and on a mission to kill. Even better, he can’t be killed by a gun or a blade! In this story we are introduced to Maria Lourdes, a bride to be, who ex-dead husband is resurrected only to learn she is to be betrothed. He wants her back or he wants her dead. (Sorab Del Rio)

The issue is available in February, but can be ordered online now. For Australians, the 52-page book is only $7, including postage. $10 for international readers. An absolute bargain. Go read the industry reviews available on the website and I’m sure you’ll agree that it sounds like a good bet.

Here’s a preview:

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