New: Argentinian Zombie Horror

Incidente (Argentina-2011; dir. Mariano Cattaneo)

Argentinian writer/director Mariano Cattaneo and his crew have recently completed work on a zombie horror film that takes a camera verité or “faux documentary” approach to the genre, in the obvious tradition of [Rec] (Spain-2007; dir. Jaume Balagueró and Paco Plaza) and its Hollywood remake Quarantine (US-2008; dir. John Erick Dowdle), with their on-the-spot doco/news reporter. Before those, of course, there was … well, I don’t really have to mention The Blair Witch Project, do I?

Tagline: “This is what they found…”

Apart from the “fake doco” horror standards, director Cattaneo also lists other influences, namely Demons by Lamberto Bava, and the Stephen King novel Desperation. In fact he sees Incidente as a demonic film rather than one that features mind-destroying infection (such as 28 Days Later…) or zombies as such. Here, demons are “using humans as clothing”. In essence the film is about a demon-ridden building. (Source)

Set in an abandoned five-story factory, Incidente was filmed in what almost amounts to real-time:

The film was made, between rehearsals and filming, over three weekends and one evening for scenes in the beginning: the police presentation.

He sees it as a way of pushing Argentinian cinema in new and exciting directions.

Alternate Teaser Posters:

“Turning on the camera, he began to record from that moment … everything will go to Hell!”

Portrait of the Director (Mariano Cattaneo) as an Action Hero, by Amanda Nara:

At the Release Party last November in Buenos Aires:

More Incidente release snaps here.

Sources: Cattaneo’s Blog; IMDb. Research: Avery Guerra. Written by Robert Hood.

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  3. zstalker says:

    I don’t really like foregein movies but i’ll give it a try.

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