Coming Soon: The Emergence Premieres Here!

It’s with great pleasure that I announce that Undead Backbrain will be hosting the premiere release of a new film — a exciting horror creature-feature from director Jeff LeBlanc. The date to look out for? December 1!

The Emergence (Canada-2011; short [11 min.]; dir. Jeff LeBlanc) sees the coming of a swarm of killer bugs and the consequences for one particular family. Made with “a lot of love for schlocky B-Movies”, The Emergence is an explosive effort from a new filmmaker fresh out of film school.


In The Emergence, Diana (Sarah Swift) and her brother Carl (Brendan Stevens) live with their parents on a quaint rural farm. Though they do care for one another, Diana’s natural rejection of her surroundings and her desire to move on to bigger things cause an ever-widening rift between the two. After discovering a dark force of nature in their parent’s barn, Diana and Carl soon learn that there are more important things than their sibling rivalries and Diana must find her inner strength as she discovers the mysterious force of nature isn’t merely localized to the sanctity of her family’s home.

Check out the trailer:

[youtube aIoGeXcwvMg]

Being obsessed with size, the Backbrain asked LeBlanc whether the bugs were of the over-sized variety. He replied: “They range in size. The majority are smaller bugs that crawl or fly — fly mostly. However, there is a large bug that acts as a queen of sorts. They are their own species, comprised of various traits from other insects that our FX guys put together during the pre-viz stage.”

In the gallery at the end of this article there is a collection of early conceptual drawings and 3D renderings, just like the ones below:

Written by Robert McCallum, The Emergence stars Julia Maturi, Brendan Stevens and Sarah Swift, and was produced by Gavenesh Patel and Bryan Belanger-Diaz, with original music by Roman Zebik. See IMDb for more cast and crew details.

This exciting new horror film will be presented in its entirety on Thursday 1 December for online viewing. Make sure you mark it in your diaries!

Next: Making Of “The Emergence”.

Source: Jeff LeBlanc via Avery Guerra.

Gallery: Conceptual Artwork and early 3D Renderings

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