The Emergence: Exclusive Glimpse Behind-the-Scenes

As the new killer mutant-insect creature-feature style short film, The Emergence (Canada-2011; short [11 min.]; dir. Jeff LeBlanc) nears its release date (1 December 2011), Undead Backbrain takes you behind the scenes of the production, via an exclusive series of pictures and FX test videos. For those who don’t know what we’re talking about, check out this article on the film to catch up.


First, the never-before-seen FX test videos, in which the insects, in their smaller forms, get on the move en masse:

[youtube 5UhJw53TdK4]

Are these scenes making you itch yet?

Behind the Scenes Picture Gallery:

Here we have a series of shots taken during production, including location referencing, some green-screen elements, on-set images and more!


Full Gallery:

Source: Jeff LeBlanc via Avery. Written by Robert Hood

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