Exclusive: The Emergence Premieres Tonight

Spotlights are crisscrossing the sky, the red carpet has been rolled out, the celebs are walking the walk, the paparazzi’s cameras are flashing, the crowds go wild! Welcome to the world premiere showing of The Emergence (Canada-2011; short [11.55 min.]), a new horror film from director Jeff LeBlanc, here beginning an exclusive run at the Cinema of the Backbrain. It’s a sell-out season. Everyone’s gathered! The excitement is overwhelming! You could cut the atmosphere with a digital knife!

Before we begin, however, check out previous Undead Backbrain articles on this new independent film: the initial announcement of the upcoming premiere and a run-down on the film itself, and an Exclusive Glimpse Behind-the-Scenes.

In a moment, the Cinema of the Backbrain will be open for business as this exciting new creature feature makes its debut. But before the doors open, check out the following “Storyboard”-style sequences taken from key FX moments from the film:

There are more in the following Gallery. Click on each image to enlarge it.

Now, the doors are opening.

Undead Backbrain is proud to present the world premiere of THE EMERGENCE.

Collect your ticket below. Click on it to enter the cinema.

  • This premiere is brought to you by director Jeff LeBlanc and Undead Backbrain researcher Avery Guerra. Site owner Robert Hood reporting.
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