New: Evala, The Land Mine Daikaiju


The details of this new daikaiju clip are sketchy to say the least, but for what it’s worth Evala, The Land Mine Daikaiju came to the attention of News Hound Supremo, Avery Guerra via the following Youtube clips — marked, as you will see, as a “pilot film”. It was made by Yuki Kurosu, who commented that the footage was produced “as a hobby”, but with the hope of making a short film or even a feature film… eventually. We should consider it as him slowly “gearing up”.

[youtube y1yUFDPOE2E]

This second video is a breakdown of the visual FX moments from the first:

[youtube 0SgcBKwI4OI]

It will be interesting to see if this comes to anything. It certainly looks rather impressive. But what is a “land mine daikaiju”, I wonder?


Source: Avery Guerra.

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