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Ya Game, Ultradude?

A rather nice compendium of Ultra-kaiju weirdness in this video for the Ultraman FE3 game, even if they’re animated rather than suited up.

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Attack of the Map Kaiju

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Godzilla vs the Five Dollar Footlong Monster

Toho Studios, Godzilla copyright owner, is apparently suing Subway because of this ad. Subway Five Dollar Footlong Monster Undoubtedly this makes a reference to Godzilla (giant reptile, Japanese city under attack), but this looks even less like Godzilla than GINO … Continue reading

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The Backbrain Goes Forth

I just heard that Undead Backbrain and my review writing on and on Horrorscope has won me a Ditmar Award (Australian Spec Fic Awards) at the National SF Convention in Perth, which was held over the Easter weekend. Thanks … Continue reading

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Ring for Doritos?

While we’re on the subject of commercials….

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Monstrous Ads

Some time ago I posted an excellent French ad that used a Godzilla-like creature to address safety issues. Below is the ad once more, but here it is followed by a sequel featuring the same characters. I couldn’t resist. And … Continue reading

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