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Mine’s Bigger Than Yours

Talk about the Monster as metaphor! And wish-fulfilment… Beautifully expressive picture — and very funny, too. Source: via Peter Orullian. By Bobby Chiu.

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Pacific Rim: Godzilla By Any Other Name?

So by now everyone and their dog knows that Guillermo del Toro’s pet project, a big-budget version of H.P. Lovecraft’s At the Mountains of Madness, isn’t going to fly. Universal has gone all whimpy in regards to it, dumping it … Continue reading

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Potential Name Change

Thanks to an online anagram program, I’m thinking I should adopt this anagram of my name: Robot Horde. Perfect! If I put in my full name a lot of stuff turns up, but I rather like Extra Bold Wormhole…. (Let’s … Continue reading

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Essential Daikaiju

This entry comes as a fill-in while I’m working on a number of interview articles for Undead Backbrain. It is potentially controversial — at least for those who find being controversial in regards to giant monster films a reasonable way … Continue reading

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A US Godzilla?

This isn’t a review. That will come later. These are just some initial thoughts on Cloverfield, producer J.J. Abrams’ (of “Lost” fame) and director Matt Reeves’ excellent giant monster film. In literally the first moments, while the production company logos … Continue reading

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The pressures facing Professional Reviewers

It’s not an easy life for reviewers, obviously. Ben Peek recounts a tale on his lj that is either amusing or depressing, depending on your point-of-view. In brief, he was commissioned to write a review of the new Australian doco … Continue reading

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