Top 20 Craziest Kaiju: Number 15

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The Moorwen


from Outlander
(US-2008; dir. Howard McCain)

Outlander poster

After a bunch of entries that mostly hark back to the 1950s, here’s one that’s so new none of us have seen the monster in action yet. It’s included in the Top 20 for different reasons than those that made us include Rectuma. From production designs, the Moorwen is not “weird” as in “outrageously silly” or “ridiculous”, but as designed by Patrick Tatopoulos it does seem inventive and offers a lot of promise for what is to come. That and the film’s Vikings vs alien monster storyline is what is creating a lot of enthusiasm among the monster fan community.

Moorwen concept art

Moorwen Concept art 2

Moorwen head

Outlander Moorwen 1

Moorwen statue

Outland monster

Official Teaser Trailer

Official website


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