Update: Gualagon

Sometimes you get to influence the makers of movies and related works — it has to be one of the best features of the internet’s ability to provide cross-cultural and virtually instantaneous communication between fans and creators.

The makers of the daikaiju-inspired audioplay Gualagon have indicated that while the play itself will be in the German language, and they won’t be producing an English version at this time, they are willing to consider bringing out an English booklet to go with the soundtrack release.

new Gualagon pic

So indicate your interest, and let’s hope we non-German speakers can experience the giant-monster audio spectacle along with its primary audience! All you need do is send them an email saying you’re interested.

  • You can read┬á the open letter and find the email address here.
  • And here is the previous Backbrain article on the project.

Below are two more scenes visualised from the audio story:

new Gualagon pic 2

new Gualagon pic 3

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  3. Avery says:

    I for one surely hope that they will be able to give us that English version!! This project looks too freakin’ awesome!!!!!

  4. Backbrain says:

    I too would love to see an English version produced — in whatever form that may take (an English booklet being the most likely). I’d certainly buy a copy!

    Avery just berated me for not making my interest 100% clear! Is that better? ­čÖé

  5. It would be heaven if we can get an English version of Gualagon.

  6. Rodansbestfriend says:

    hmmm, haven’t seen a monster like that in a while

  7. Rodansbestfriend says:

    look at all that destruction, I’ll watch this in german if I have to

  8. Rodansbestfriend says:

    Put it in English damn it!!

  9. KaijuCanuck says:

    Looks cool!

  10. Zillachary says:

    Looks cool.I’d like to see an English pamplet for this.:)

  11. Lee Merritt says:

    This looks great thus far! I hope we can get an English version DVD(and booklet) of this project!

  12. Brandon says:

    I hope they put this in English, it looks like a good movie.

  13. Godzillakamper says:

    This looks fricken awesome

  14. Nikola says:

    Looks awesome! Like a mix of old monster movies and new monster movies!

  15. An english translation would also be a good business move for them. I join others in wishing to see it !

  16. Backbrain says:

    Some comments still suggest that people aren’t clear on what this project actually is. It is NOT a movie; it is an audioplay, and the pictures I have been posting represent accompanying artwork inspired by it. Keep that in mind, folks!

  17. Avery says:

    I think many of them know that, from my threads on the various kaiju fan forums describing it in detail, but still either view this as a movie just played out in audio form or maybe some aren’t familiar with the concept of audio plays all together.

  18. Backbrain says:

    I know that your descriptions have been accurate, Avery, and the Gualagon folk have been quite explicit about it. But use of words like “watch” and references to the “movie” and “DVD” in some comments suggest that some people haven’t registered the fact that “Gualagon” won’t be a “moving picture” but will be the modern equivalent of a radio play — all words and sounds probably released on CD.

    Personally I love audioplays and often listen to them. The all-new BBC Doctor Who audioplays are fantastic, often voice-acted by the original Doctor Who actors, who might be a lot older and more overweight, but still sound the same as they used to. And of course one of my all-time favourite works-of-art is the original radio version of “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” which has certainly not been bettered by the filmed versions that have since been produced.

    I think a classic daikaiju audioplay would be brilliant.

  19. Avery says:

    It definitely sounds fantastic and a really awesome, ‘different’ approach to kaiju. I’m told by it’s creators that there will be more of the great CGI images made for it as well as a poster, and that they will be publishing the English booklet themselves. As far as releasing it; well, that’s in the hands of their distributor. Also; they are still looking into placing ‘subtitles’ onto the production. How can you place subtitles on a CD?? Will this be an actual DVD with the audio and subtitles played over the still CGI images?? Forgive me for being a bit ‘ignorant’ with the process.

  20. Avery says:

    My understanding is that it’s creator’s are going to be publishing a CD soundtrack with an English booklet themselves,but does that mean that the distributor will be pressing a DVD with the subtitles and audio playing over the still CGI shots??

  21. Backbrain says:

    I hadn’t thought of the DVD idea, Avery. Running the images while the audio plays over the top of it — with a subtitle translation for the non-Germanic. THAT would be very neat. Best of both worlds. Go for it, Gualagonites! I’d pay good (or even bad) money for that!

  22. Avery says:

    I’ve seen a DVD to where there were still pictures and an audio track being played over it explaining the story. Then when they would reach the next scene it would switch pics. There weren’t a whole lot of pics so it would pause on one action pic while the author explained that part. If I’m not mistaken it was “H.G. Well’s War Of The Worlds” with his original broadcast being played over images??

  23. Backbrain says:

    And I’ve watched a very early Doctor Who episode — “Tomb of the Cybermen”, I think — where a couple of the episodes were missing, so for the missing eps they played the soundtrack (which still exists) while displaying stills of the episode. Similarly the recent DVD of “A For Andromeda” included still images and on-screen text for segments of the original show where both sound and visuals were missing or corrupted. Once you got used to it it was quite effective.

  24. Avery says:

    Ah yes, much like “Mechanical Man”[1921] to where in the missing/lost scenes they just had title cards to explain the ‘in-between’ parts.

  25. Avery says:

    C’ mon guys….who could resist this face: http://www.triumphdeswahnsinns.de/

  26. Avery says:

    I’m now told that the creators will indeed be pressing the CD soundtrack themselves as well as a dual language German/English booklet to go along with it. Also; that they are considering, if at all possible, to place English subtitles over the still CGI images on the CD[hence there will not be a DVD released]. I have seen this before with for example; the pop-rock artist “Pink” with her latest disc you are able to view the music videos and visual extras simply by placing the CD in a DVD player. It’s a rather cool concept. One that I think will work incredibly well for this project.

  27. Goji_girl says:

    This project here looks very impressive, it would be great to have it in english, or at least with subtitles of some sort. I can’t wait for the next update!

  28. Keizer says:

    I’m following this project since Averry guerra told me about it . That seems to be an interresting original approach of the kaiju genre .
    I don’t speak german too so an english booklet or subtitles would be an interesting option .

  29. Nzilla says:

    For a second there I thought this was a game.

    But yes this project they are working on looks like it is coming together well ­čÖé

    I like how this monster looks, it kinda looks like Biollante, Gezora and Hedorah and has remote similarities with Vemon.

    Can’t wait.

  30. This project is a very good idea. I hope for an english version of the audio.


  31. MOSUGOJI says:

    I’d love to hear an english version of this,even better would be a future comic book and/or movie version.

  32. Cam Eleon says:

    Seems to be in the spirit of those old ‘Power Records’ audio stories from the ’70s.(Godzilla even had one that was reisued on CD not long ago.) I too would love to see an English version of this in some form or other.

  33. Rodansbestfriend says:

    i’m gonna listen to the pirate version of the Audio if dosen’t translate to English

  34. beastfromosaka says:

    English or German, this project definitely sounds interesting.

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