Update: Galactic Raiders

Exclusively from director Larry Arpin comes this portrait of the main Big Bad creature from his film Galactic Raiders (US-[in post-production]; dir. Larry Arpin), named Vorax:


Click on the image to view it super-sized!

Comments Arpin:

The background is not final, but very similar [to what will be in the final shot]. I’ve got lots to comp and more to animate of this creature. This is the very first appearance in the film in the first reel.

Looking good, Larry!

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4 Responses to Update: Galactic Raiders

  1. Avery says:

    This is gonna be so awesome!! Larry Arpin is an amazing artist! It’s about time we get another stop-motion dino flick again!

  2. Tim says:

    I’m with you there! I loved GATOR, I love Eric Kessler’s Kong fan film, and this I’m betting will just about blow them out of the water.

  3. Avery says:

    ^With this and “Tauatara” and those that you mentioned it seems that the technique is still being kept alive by some fan boy artists. I can’t wait for more!

  4. Avery says:

    ^ Oops, I meant “Tuatara”.

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