Daimajin Kanon (and Friends)


The following amalgamation of ads for Japanese daikaiju and other tokusatsu Blu-ray releases includes a trailer for the new Daimajin “remake” TV series Daimajin Kanon, produced by Shigenori Takatera (discussed last July on Undead Backbrain and updated here on Undead Brainspasm in October). Based on a famous 1966 film trilogy about an ancient stone statue that comes to life to defend the helpless against evil bandits, ruthless warlords and those who would disrespect proper social balance and divine providence, this new series brings Daimajin into the present and, from the trailer, appears to add all sorts of modern tokusatsu (SFX) elements.

It all looks rather cool to me — and the Blu-Rays advertised make me wish that they included English subtitles (which they most likely don’t), because I’d then willingly sacrifice my credit card to get hold of them!

Daimajin Kanon is due to premier on Japanese television in 2010

  • Source: Nippon Cinema via Kaiju Search-Robot Avery; thanks to kiryugoji04.
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