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A Giant Gila Monster for Christmas

Including an Exclusive Interview by Robert Hood with the Star of the Film The producers of Jim Wynorski’s giant monster remake Gila! are currently whipping up a grassroots campaign to get the film — much lauded among B-Movie Celebration attendees … Continue reading

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Let’s Drink to Danger 5!

SBS’s web series, Danger 5! The Diamond Girls has finished, but we already know Danger 5 is destined to return as a TV series on Australian TV’s SBS. The online show has proven extremely popular so far, loved for its … Continue reading

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Danger 5 Coming to a Computer Screen Near You!

Now, does this look too good to be true or what? [youtube 0Z09bNgSeMI] Eye-busting retro design, bizarre concepts, nostalgic stop-motion dinosaurs! What Danger 5 seems to be — in case you haven’t heard of it and haven’t guessed from the … Continue reading

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Trailer for The Man Who Summons Kaiju

Here’s a teaser trailer for The Man Who Summons Kaiju [aka Kaijû wo yobu otoko] (Japan-2010; dir. Daisuke Andô), which we introduced on Undead Backbrain last week. It lacks subtitles, so the Japanese literate among you will have a better … Continue reading

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Exclusive: The Man Who Summons Kaiju

It’s always good to see another giant monster film arise from the spiritual home of the genre, even if it’s not full-length. The Man Who Summons Kaiju [aka Kaijû wo yobu otoko] (Japan-2010; dir. Daisuke Andô) is a 25-minute television … Continue reading

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Will the Real Thing Top This?

With the imminent premiere of the much-anticipated zombie TV series, The Walking Dead, shambling ever closer (Halloween), one fan of the show has produced a title sequence that’s going to be hard to beat. Daniel Kanemoto utilises artwork taken from … Continue reading

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Writing Doctor Who

As those of you who know me will be aware, I have contributed, as a writer, to the history of the iconic time-travelling Doctor — officially. This came by way of a short story published in one of the Big … Continue reading

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A 9 on the Monster Magnitude Scale!

Great news for daikaiju fans! It has been confirmed that Japanese SFX wizard Shinji Higuchi (best known as the man behind the excellent effects for Shusuke Kaneko’s Gamera re-boot trilogy, which set the standard for daikaiju eiga imagery in the … Continue reading

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Daimajin Kanon (and Friends)

The following amalgamation of ads for Japanese daikaiju and other tokusatsu Blu-ray releases includes a trailer for the new Daimajin “remake” TV series Daimajin Kanon, produced by Shigenori Takatera (discussed last July on Undead Backbrain and updated here on Undead … Continue reading

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Tragic Dino Love Story

The Wrong Door is a British comedy sketch show “set in a surreal parallel universe where film and TV special effects are part of everyday life. In this world, superheroes, wizards and dinosaurs are commonplace in the daily merry-go-round of … Continue reading

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