Trailer Trash Catch-All

The Backbrain has been under strain due to an overdue novel manuscript and recalcitrant software, so I’ve fallen behind with a bunch of updates. Lacking the time to write any sort of extensive commentary, below you’ll find trailers (and some patchy information) on:


Dinocroc vs Supergator (US-2010; dir. Rob Robertson)

When one rampaging monster just isn’t enough — and, hey, we know that’s all the time, right?

The Mole Man of Belmont Avenue (US-2010; dir. Mike Bradecich and John LaFlamboy)


This one has “cult classic” written all over it! Decent production values for an low-budget independent film, plus Robert Englund! Check out the official website.


Marion and Jarmon Mugg have never had to work very hard. They’ve never had much responsibility, and no one has ever put any expectations on them to perform or achieve, well… anything.

But two years ago their mother died, leaving them the brownstone apartment building that has been in the family since its days as a speakeasy during Prohibition. In that short time, their slacker ways have run the building into the ground. The tenants are moving out, no one but them and their friends drinks at the bar on the ground floor, and the building’s pets are going missing. If all that isn’t enough to make them sit up and take notice, there’s also a good chance that a monster is living in the basement.

“The Mole Man of Belmont Avenue” is a horror/ comedy that explores what happens when a terrible situation is dropped into the laps of the two people least equipped to deal with it. The Brothers Mugg can either step up to the plate and finally grow up, or they can wait and clean up the mess as a mysterious creature eats every living thing in the building, one by one.

Muckman (US-2010; dir. Brett Piper)

Swamp Thing will be quaking in his galoshes! I’m really liking the look of this guy.


A sexy TV host goes hunting to uncover the mystery of a legendary swap creature called the Muckman. She, her crew and their local “guides” get much more than they bargained for as night falls and they find themselves invading Muckman territory.

Daimajin Kanon (Japan-2010; TV series; creator )

This modern re-invention of the classic Showa-period Daimajin films just looks better and better. Will we get to see it in the West? Only time (and the distributors) will tell.

Sharktopus (US-2010; dir. Declan O’Brien)

First pic of the monster! Well, his head and a couple of tentacles anyway… This one’s definitely a potential contender for Kaiju Search-Robot Avery’s Craziest Kaiju list.


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4 Responses to Trailer Trash Catch-All

  1. Jeff R says:

    Perks up ears … new novel …

  2. Robert Hood says:

    Yes, it’s a slipstream/SF novel titled ROBOT WAR ESPRESSO, Jeff. The only horror elements are a strong sense of dislocation in reality, a scary AI and some weird contraptions. It’s being published by Twelfth Planet Press. Though there’s not much info on the book on it yet, here’s the website:

    There is a sort of ghostliness involved at times, as someone from the future starts appearing spectre-like in the present….

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