New Bio-Slime Trailer Oozes the Good Stuff


We’ve talked about Bio-Slime (US-2010; dir. John Lechago) before, we’ve seen the pictures and a previous trailer.

Now there’s a killer “final” trailer on the loose and the film’s looking good for its imminent release.

The director John Lechago has thoughtfully provided some great new stills from Bio-Slime, which you can click on to see in gruesomely close-up detail.

Here, for example, is “the creature”:


And here’s the Bio-slime’s first victim:


There’s plenty more victims after that, such as Gia, who seems to be the poster girl for the film:


Then there’s Tai, just so you know the Slime isn’t too sexist about this:


You can see more victims in the Gallery below.


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