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Legendary Rises from the Tomb

New Discovery There’s another cryptid on the loose — and this one is a big, nasty dragon-like reptile, looking to contribute to the ongoing history of giant monsters in cinema. The film has gone through several name-changes (Legendary: The Shocate … Continue reading

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“Sector 7” Creature Revealed! Sort of…

Under development by the company responsible for the rather excellent disaster film Haeundae (South Korea-2009; dir. Je-gyun Yun), Sector 7 has been long promised (see this previous Backbrain article), but now appears to be in production. At any rate, Kaiju … Continue reading

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Backwood Horror Emerges From the Forest

Lost Woods (US-2010; dir. Nathan and Philip Ellering) A monster-thriller written and directed by the Ellering Bros. Director of Photography: Lance Kuhns. Cast: Joey Brown, Garrett Vander Leun, Nina Brissey, Phillip Ellering and Nathan Ellering. A few days ago we … Continue reading

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New Bio-Slime Trailer Oozes the Good Stuff

We’ve talked about Bio-Slime (US-2010; dir. John Lechago) before, we’ve seen the pictures and a previous trailer. Now there’s a killer “final” trailer on the loose and the film’s looking good for its imminent release. The director John Lechago has … Continue reading

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New: Dark Nemesis

The trailer for Dark Nemesis (US-2010; dir. Drew Maxwell) has been released by production company Shoreline Entertainment. Originally titled Ferocious, Dark Nemesis is a post-apocalyptic monster movie, with some nifty independent production design work and a grotesque three-eyed monster. Synopsis: … Continue reading

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The Monstrous Poignancy of Being a Stop-Motion Monster

Apart from sitting in the bath and brooding, what do monsters do once they’re forced into retirement? Writer/director Harry Chaskin tries to answer that question in his short film, Bygone Behemoth, which will be premiering next month at the SXSW … Continue reading

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