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Nick Frost and the Living Dead

This isn’t new, but I was doing some Zombie Film updating when I stumbled upon it and thought I should put it here for the sake of nerdish completeness. So here it is, Nick Frost (of Shaun of the Dead … Continue reading

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The War on Zombie Terror

At last the zombie threat is being taken seriously at the highest levels. It’s always encouraging when our world leaders show insight and forethought in this way. Thanks to Chris Stronach for bringing this explosive news to my attention. Mind … Continue reading

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The perils of editing

Some people really can’t handle rejection, can they? Check this out!

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Neon Genesis didn’t lie!

Here it is, proof that all those daikaiju attacks on Japan have resulted in their cities being built to retract underground prior to “an incident”. In this video, you can see the buildings rising again, once the kaiju was dealt … Continue reading

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Do the Daikaiju Stomp!

Check this out: I recently came across this rare daikaiju soundtrack album in a box of dusty cassettes hidden under a table in a shed out the back of Taped To Death — a seedy secondhand music store in the … Continue reading

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